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Erica Marchant

Erica Marchant

Erica Marchant is a former corporate drone turned author, poet, and freelance writer living that
suburban fantasy with her geeky family, two needy dogs, and an ornery bunny.


Author and Poet

As a creative writer, author and poet, Erica publishes fiction in many genres but most enjoys sci-fi, speculative fiction, horror and anything with sadder or darker nature. A house mom and freelance writer by day, she’s also a hopeless dreamer by night.  Erica writes poetry to cope with the emotional, scary and sometimes amazing chaos in the word around her.

Erica’s writing captures readers in the first few lines and leaves them searching for more.

Check out her author page for publications and current projects.




After more than a decade in Corporate America, Erica turned to creative freelancing to help individuals and small business owners find their voice in an ever-changing digital world. She is a  content marketer, brand ambassador and creative writer specializing in content marketing campaigns, email and newsletter campaigns, blogging, and web content writing for small businesses, start-ups, and the self-employed.

By combining her expertise in business writing and communications with inspiring ideas and content marketing, Erica creates innovative web designs, landing pages, email and social media marketing campaigns, newsletters, presentations, relevant blog posts and other online content.

Erica specializes in well-researched articles, blog posts, web content, informal and educational pieces and eBooks. Dedicated to providing knowledge and helpful advice, she brings your brand promise to your readers and customers giving them a reason to come back and look for more.


Book Design, Marketing, and Publishing

Lets face it, many writers want to just write. They don’t want to deal with all the hoopla that comes with selling themselves and their books. Yet, in the self-publishing landscape, they have to do just that. As a traditionally published and self-published author and poet, Erica helps other writers and authors manage their book design, marketing, and publishing so they can focus on the part that draws them to publishing in the first place. 


What are you waiting for…

Are you self-employed, a small business owner, or writer who manages “all the roles?” Is all that content and marketing getting in the way of doing what you love–actually running a business?

Not anymore!

If you are looking for blog posts, eBooks, newsletters, content marketing or help with book design and publishing, contact Erica today. She will hone your ideal message and bring a consistent brand to your audience across all platforms. 

With Erica you get to focus on what you do best;

the reason you started this adventure in the first place.

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