The Writers Next DoorThe Writers Next Door

Join hikers on a supernatural mountain climb, time-traveling teachers, a novice journalist setting out on assignment, a young man trying to survive a war, a family of nine trekking to Lenten services, a woman rediscovering celebration, mothers clinging to fleeting moments, couples beginning and ending marriages, and much more.

This anthology explores the human condition through short fiction, memoirs, and poems that range from thoughtful and heart-warming to adventurous and even tragic—each compelling in its own way. The Writers Next Door invite you to join them where normal ends in their first publication.

Torrid Literature Journal  Volume II – The Bare Naked Truth

What follows these highly engaging articles is a beautiful array of diverse poetry that will take you on a rollercoaster ride of dreams, experiences, and confessions. From the first poem, you’ll immediately fall in love with the written word which takes you to the heights of literature. You’ll be reminded why this art has the powerful voice that it does today.



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