Writing is a Necessity in Your Business and Here’s Why:

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Writing is overlooked because you see it everywhere. You don’t realize how important it is until it’s missing.

Writing isn’t just for books, magazines or newspapers. Writing is in commercials on TV, on billboards driving down the highway, and everywhere you search on the web. And yes, people and companies still blog! Yet, writing doesn’t get noticed the way other content such as video and pictures do.

You could say writing is taken for granted.

What makes writing so important?

  1. Communication: Writing is an essential basis for communication on the web
  2. Target Audience: Writing targets your audience and helps you engage.
  3. Story: Words tells your story!
  4. Gain Sales: Writing draws potential and existing customers to you.
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Writing is a major way people communicate other than speaking. It is how the modern world communicates, keeps records, and where art first began.

  • It is a part of everyday life, even if taken for granted.
  • Words are the framework behind developing ideas.
  • Writing educates, entertains, and enlightens (or enrages) minds.
  • Writing allows you to express yourself.
  • You gain feedback through writing.
  • Preserves ideas and thoughts for future use.


Keep your audience in mind when you write content. Write directly to target your audience. Whether you just want to share information, sell a service or product, or educate a reader, writing helps you target specific people.


Storytelling connects your brand to your target audience.

Sure, there are plenty of visual ways to tell a story. But they all usually start with writing. Writing your idea, writing about who you are. Even videos and photos need captions and alt-text that all begin with writing.

Your story helps you connect with your target audience and readers. Personal connections matter to your brand. Without a story, potential customers and clients cannot relate to your brand, service or product.


Writing, such as a call to action, helps you gain sales for your company. You can do this through web writing, social media, newsletters and any place where you tell your story and share your services or products.

Where do you use writing on the web?

  1. Website design
  2. Web pages
  3. Content marketing
  4. Social Media
  5. Blogging
  6. Newsletters
  7. eBooks

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