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Erica is a science fiction geek, horror fan, zombie lover, and addicted to cheesy end of the world and apocalyptic movies and series. Surviving suburbia with her three kids, two dogs and an ornery bunny takes an endless pot of black coffee. She’s a storage bank of cool, but useless facts that probably won’t save anyone in an apocalypse.



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Dr. Caden Locke thought he’d spend his career saving lives, not taking them. But when he’s caught in the cross hairs of a failed marriage and a traitorous crime, everything he worked for and believed in died. Sentenced for a crime he did not commit and stripped of his title, Caden was forced into a world he never knew existed. One where the very idea of life was forever threatened and caring for anything or anyone resulted in one thing. Death. This is The Kill Rides

The Kill Rides

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On Loss is a genre-crossing collection of short stories, poetry, and flash fiction.
Each piece, though vastly different, is “On Loss.” Narratives, tragedies, and tales from space travel, time travel and a crime-fighting superhero
to war veterans, insanity, and a drive-thru cemetery splash across the pages.
Whether losing a loved one, memories, innocence, or the mind, each one follows a different path of loss and its aftermath. 

Follow the authors of On Loss through the pain and impossibility to lessons learned,
forgiveness, and the hope of a better tomorrow. 



Available now in eBook and Paperback

They say the story begins where normal ends…
This anthology explores the human condition
through short fiction, memoirs, and poems
that range from thoughtful and heart-warming
to adventurous and even tragic
—each compelling in its own way. 

**All proceeds from the sale of this book are donated to the Friends of the Wilmington Memorial Library, a membership-based nonprofit organization that promotes public awareness of the library and provides financial support for library programs and services.

Available in eBook and Paperback

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