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Good morning Friends. Today begins #mentalhealthawareness month. I am a huge advocate for #womenshealth and doctors not listening to our needs. 

So, I am going unscripted and live every Sunday afternoon at 1:30 pm est over the Month of May where I will chat about my own mental health issues and how I manage them.

I am not a doctor, I cannot give licensed medical advice but will try my best to answer any questions you might have if you hop into to join me. 

I will likely also sprinkle in some medical trauma and gaslighting I've experienced that has contributed to me not getting help for two decades. 

If you want to learn more, stay tuned. 

This won't be easy as I'll share some deeply personal experiences, but this is important to me as part of my healing journey and I know I am not alone. 

If those of us who suffer don't talk about this, we can never encourage healing. 

I hope you will join me every Sunday in May at 1:30 PM est. Wherever you are for a casual #mentalhealthtalk. 

(I'm an author, creative consultant, chef, and entrepreneur who managed to break the generational cycle of poverty, addiction, and abuse I was born into. If you suffer from #childhoodtrauma, #chronicillness, #autoimmunedisease, #mentalhealth or #poverty concerns, #PMDD or anything life throws at you, I'd love you to follow along. I'm on a journey to healing after decades of misdiagnoses and ignoring my symptoms)
Birdie in the window
We don't eat only BBQ over here. I burnt my cauliflower. Just ignore it. No one is perfect. Plus it still tasted good. My new lifestyle med doc would approve of this meal.
Okay so, I bought a plantain. Never made them before. I am sure it's been at least two decades since I tried one. 

What do you guys do with your plantains? 

#curious #cookingathome #experimentinginthekitchen
Good morning. I am still bundled up. I'll probably be like this till late May! 🤣🤣 

Hope everyone has a good Tuesday.
I borrow most of the books and audiobooks I read, but some deserve space on my shelf. These are I've added recently. 

#amreading #authorsofinstagram #bookstagram #booksofinsta #readeveryday #physicalbooks #readingtime #readinglist #nonfictionbooks #fictionbooks #noirhorror #nonfiction #womenshistory #witchesarewomen #risesisterrise #nurtureyourmind
Missing my Nana today. I know I'd be enjoying the sun shine in her back yard talking about her Easter plans while she laughed hysterically at my little guy running around. Always in my heart, Nana. 🥰💔💞
Okay so, I found this creepy doll head stuck in the branch debri in my yard. I am not much of a photographer, but I had to grab the shot. 😂 

Actually cannot tell if it's creepy or beautiful. Maybe both 🥰

The more I look at it the more I see in it. 

#photoftheday #creepydolls #enlightenment #followyourintuition #seeingbeautyeverywhere #humansinnature
The photo is a little dark. Dinner last night with my husband where someone else cooked for us, after we cooked for 40 people.