Amazon Canceled 'One Mississipi' and I'm bummed.

When I found Tig Notaro’s One Mississipi on Amazon I had never heard of the comedian. That isn’t a gasp-worthy comment since I am not really all that up to par on who’s who in the commedy world, unless you’re a big name. But through her series I’d come to learn a lot about Tig, about the way in which we look at life so serious, so desolote and how to bring yourself back from the worst moments with laughter and a light heart.

It had the kind of dry sense of humor I enjoyed rather than the slap stick comedy you see everywhere. I mean, Yea I love melissa mccarthy and all that but I am tired of women acting in male style roles. It’s overdone and Tig was different. And I should have written about this a long time ago. It’s like rallying the forces after an election.

NO! I cry my favorite offbeat totally unexpected show has been canceled! I cannot live with myself! Okay, I still can, but you get the point.

One Mississippi is a dramedy of Tig’s life. It’s a way of making fun of the situations we find ourselves in that can be just as embarrassing, and devastating as they can be funny. And what good is living life if we cannot laugh at the hard stuff, once we’ve been through it of course.

After I finished season two of one Mississippi I went and soaked up everything Tig Notaro that I could. We didn’t have much in common, but I still felt a connection to her. LIke she was a real voice. Like she got it and Like I want to follow her career. That rarely happens to me with any actor or comedian. Something about Tig made me feel good inside when I watched her show.

And the truth is, there aren’t any other shows out there that I can say this about. While tig exposes the hypocracy and deaming moments in her life I was left with a sense of it’ll be alright, she made it and so can I. Her story followed a much different path than mine, but she also lost her mom and I think that is what dragged me in from the start.

Turns out, while she lost her mom she had also been suffereing a series of illnesses and unfortunate set backs. While my illness weren’t necessarily life threatening I had also suffered a series of injuries, illnesses and setbacks while my mom was sick with cancer.

Tig’s mom dies suddenly, you learn this in the first few minutes of episode 1, but tig had cancer and C-diff which severely interferred with her life. all throughout the series she was honest and authentic. Something about her voice and the way she spoke and watching her smile even though life literally sucked. Sure she’s better off financially than most, but money doesn’t stop you from experiencing hardships and difficulties in life and Tig learned how to deal with them in a way that made them ok. Life will go on.

So much to my susprise and disappointment i learned Amazon will not renew one Mississippi for season 3. WHAT? WHY? I mean, the unfolding of those events over season 2, the relationship, the hope and the heartache it was all there with the laughter and it was brilliant and I couldn’t help falling in love with the characters and their story. I wanted to know what happens next, not just in the real world (where I found out that Tig married stephanie and they have twins! I am a straight married woman and I can’t help but think they seemed like an amazing couple. The way they smile at each other. I felt it through the whole series from when Tig first met her wifes chacarter in the dramedy.

There are so many things that made me love this show, but I could be biast because cause I watched this show during the darkest moments of my life and Tig Notaro put a smile on my face through many tears. I felt like the show came out just to help me cope with the reality through a little funny, dry and rye sense of humor. Sort of the way I saw things in my own mind I thought other’s would be horrified by. THe absurdity of the situations you find yourself in the sadest moments.

Maybe it’s because she lost her mom too. Maybe it’s because she felt different and lost in a world she was drowning in, but had found herself and made something of herself despite circumstances. Maybe it was the connection she instantly shared with Stephanie that led to the life they have together now (proviving that love defy’s logic, mind and body).

Tig was real and honest and heartfelt and funny and demeaning all at the same time. Of course, it was exaggerated and dramatized. It was a TV show after all, but it felt so real and earnest and gave me something to feel good about inside when I thought all hope was lost too.

My review is a little personal. If I had watched this show under different curcumstances would I have found it so funny and loved it? I think I would. Tig draws you in. Just watch her and you’ll see. Tig is funny and she’s not like many female comics just trying to grab a laugh in a man’s world (no office female comics).

Tigs show is also important because it broke a boundary. It gave us a view into a different life with different people who aren’t so unlike the one’s we see everyday. It shows us how love and sacrafice and commitment really works and what really matters. It talks about the hard stuff that no one wants to dive into, really.

And if none of that really matters, all in all, Amazon you don’t have much to offer me in the way of comedies. Seriously I am a straight, married typical suburban housewife (er…writer) “living in a bubble” as my millenial brother would say, who loved a queer, dry, comedy about two women falling in love in the midsts of life’s most insane and humbling moments. What the fuck Amazon! I mean HELLO! Tig’s reach was well outside her own demographic. Her show put a hand out to everyone and gave us a glimpse into a life that underneath the surface isn’t so different from our own and I don’t have to be a lesbian to understand that. And for so many other reasons, other writers have said it much better than I could:

Ending One Mississippi

Amazon’s “One Mississippi” exudes calm confidence in its second season. “Tig is a woman who simply doesn’t have the energy to feel stung by homophobic insult. Why bother, when confounding the perpetrators with their absurdity is far more amusing?”

Electric dreams is the first TV show on Amazon that I am looking forward to season two. Mostly, I enjoy Netflix and Hulu. And I am tired of the female actresses playing the male role. C’mon ladies, lets find something other than slapstick comedy to get us through this world.

Netflix Or hulu, pick up One Mississipi please! I was looking forward to season 3.

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