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Sunday and Nora are on vacation. That’s what Nora told everyone on social media, anyway. Sunday wished she was on vacation. She wanted to be anywhere but here; cemented to the seat of her rusty, old green Toyota, unable to open the door and follow through on her decision. What she didn’t want was for anyone else to find out the truth. Nor did she want Nora’s judgement and pity.

Sunday would live with the consequence of this decision, not Nora, and not anyone else. Still, choosing between what was best for her, despite the repercussions, and ruining both their lives, wasn’t any choice at all. Would the vacation Sunday and Nora faked become the last time Sunday’s awful truth and Nora’s uncertainty collide, or would they keep fighting for everything they were building together? A future Sundy couldn’t picture for herself anymore?

Most people lived and died in The Zone. Not Caden Locke. He may have grown up there, but he got out. Through hard work and luck, Caden graduated top of his medical training class and landed a prestigious position in the coveted Bubble City. Leaving the Zone, and its history behind, Caden built himself a brand-new province better than he had ever imagined. One where life and happiness mattered above all else. 

That was before.

And this is after. 

When reality and illusion collide, Caden loses everyone and everything he ever loved. The High Command sentences him to a crime he swears he did not commit, and forces him into a new life. One where the death of morality hung in the crosshairs of the galaxy. Where Caden took lives instead of saving them. Where Caden learns the truth always costs more than the lie. 

This is The Kill Rides.

Sunday and Nora on Vacation Book Cover
The Kill Rides Book Cover

Sunday and Nora on Vacation

The Kill Rides, Book One

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