Who is Erica

Erica is an author, poet and creative freelance writer with a wide-range of experiences and expertise.

What does that mean to be a freelance writer and house-mom by day? It means juggling many different projects from freelance blogging and article writing to book design, self-publishing and content marketing, while keeping the family–and the animals–alive and happy (most days).

While working on her first full-length novel, One Way Ticket, Erica publishes short fiction and poetry, is an avid reader and lifetime learner and enjoys networking online and locally, and spending time with her writing groups at the local library!


The Writers Next DoorThe Writers Next Door: An Anthology of Poetry and Prose

Join hikers on a supernatural mountain climb, time-traveling teachers, a novice journalist setting out on assignment, a young man trying to survive a war, a family of nine trekking to Lenten services, a woman rediscovering celebration, mothers clinging to fleeting moments, couples beginning and ending marriages, and much more.

This anthology explores the human condition through short fiction, memoirs, and poems that range from thoughtful and heart-warming to adventurous and even tragic—each compelling in its own way. The Writers Next Door invite you to join them where normal ends in their first publication.


Our Loss Anthology

Our Loss is a first issue anthology born of a collaboration between talented and creative writers working together to help new and established writers achieve their publishing goals.

We are currently open to fiction and poetry in any genre, and cover art submissions. The theme of loss and pain affects all of humanity. How does it affect you? Send us your best work for consideration.


If you are looking for blog posts, eBooks, newsletters, content marketing or help with book design and publishing, contact Erica today. She will hone your ideal message and bring a consistent brand to your audience across all platforms.

With Erica you get to focus on what you do best;

the reason you started this adventure in the first place.



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