Erica Marchant is a former corporate drone, small business owner, content writer, and web designer turned full-time author.

She's a science fiction geek, horror fan, zombie lover,

and addicted to cheesy end of the world

and apocalyptic movies and series.

(also commas. She's addicted to commas)

Her mind is a storage bank of cool, but often useless

facts that probably won't save anyone in an apocalypse.


They do, however, make great conversation over coffee.


Erica survives that suburban fantasy/nightmare with her

wonderfully weird family, Boxer-Pitbull mix,

and an endless cup of said coffee.


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Erica's main project The Kill Rides Series is a three-part book series featuring Caden Locked paying for a crime he didn't comit. She's also working on short stories and novellas. Erica has a deep well of ideas ready for when each project is finished.

Erica's Published Work

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